Finissage of contemporary Asian video art exhibition


Video art is a very important cultural medium in contemporary Asia in the process of modernization. The video art exhibition of “Crash/Hybrid” is aiming to present multi-dimensional complexity within Asia and to propose some theoretical ideas and many kinds of possibilities in artistic practice.

In addition to performance art, most Asian artists who engage in social intervention use images as media for conceptual expression and artistic creation. The camera is not merely a tool. Its own recording function can produce richer visual expression effects on social issues and cultural issues through the artist’s works.

In the contemporary cultural production of Asia, the historical framework and artistic expression of “video art” is not limited to the scope of contemporary art. It is closely related to the social history, culture and politics of different countries and regions. With the process of globalization, Asian experimental films and video arts have gradually given birth different forms of concept to “independent films”, “artist films”, “new media art”, “internet movies” and “exhibition movies”. The inclusiveness of “video art” is embodied in this complexity and leapfrogging between the film production industry and the art field, and also constitutes the most “contemporary” and “pioneer” art language and cultural patterns.

Medo Art will be presenting the Contemporary Asian Video Art Exhibition in Collaboration with different Art Space of Asia in 2018. The exhibition will introduce various attempts, ranging from video art as acts of resistance for the sake of negating and destroying the unjustifiable, to works suggesting a potential of another means of participation through aesthetic forms that strive to get as close as possible to reality.

The video art exhibition will display experimental video art works from different Asian countries such as China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Nepal, India and Iran etc. Unfortunately, we could not afford to introduce works from all Asian countries, a grand continent with the largest population in the world. But CAVAE will open the lively and inventive scene of dialogue and discourse among Asia-based artists, curators, critics and producers.

The Video Art Exhibition “Crash/Hybrid” is a hybrid of Video Art, experimental videos, animations, documentaries and many other types. We hope to present the diversity of Asian artists’ creation with the most possible media types.

In this program, each month one (or two) selected Asian’s country will be exhibited their very representative video Art Work in the last ten years at Medo Space.

Curator: Ni Kun, Duan Hongwei

Opening: 19:00, 25. May 2018

Location: Franzensgasse 6/1a, 1050 Wien


Artists/Exhibition works:

Yu Guo: I am tank 2013

Shi Qing: Anorexia 2006

Liao Wenchao: Keep smiling 2014

Liu Weiwei: 3 hours of disappearing  2012

Wang Shiyuan (Me&Xiaobai): Work

Shen Yangchao: Time as a Narrator  2016

Zhang Jiaping: Territory of Wetlans 2013

Wang Wo: Noise 2007

Tong Wenmin, waiting for the arrival of blue  2016

Pang Xuan: Garden  2009

Tao Hui: Talk about Body 2013

He Liping: The peddler and three milligrams of happiness  2014,I was born to bond with art 2015

Dong Xun, Mobile Street lamp  2014