Children’s Art Workshop


Theme: Self-Limitation and associated experience with the environment

Workshop Introduction:The Medo Art Space Program sponsors a series of children’s art workshops. The goal is for children to re-understand the inner and outer aspects of the self and the temporal and spatial nature of self-development under the leadership of contemporary artists.

Children will explore the possibilities and boundaries of their bodies from a new perspective under the leadership of the artist. As well as to re-understand and shape the environment and people around us, the most important thing is the relationship/boundary with our own family members. So graft new links with different contexts around. The workshop will focus on inspiring the children to use their imagination to the aesthetic level. In this creative arts workshop, children can learn to act like an artist and use the body as a medium to express and transcend self-recognition in their daily experiences. In the workshop, the children’s bodies will be extended, intersected and penetrated, and the original essence of life will be recovered through the creation of live behaviors.

Activity Forms: Performance art·Creative Art Workshop

Organizer: Medo Art and Mondial Research e.U

Time: 10:00-15:00, 12, May 2018

           10:00-15:00, 13, May 2018

Location: Franzensgasse 6/1a, 1050 Wien

Participant limit: 10 families (one parents, one child)

Age: 7-15 years old

Course fees: 50 Euro per family (2 people only)

Moderator: Wan Qiao (Artist of art therapie + New Media / Akademie der Bildenden Künste München

 The course is divided into three parts:

Part A: Describe Your Shape/Boundary 30-60 min Body’s Linear Expression, Painting Method

Part B: Describe the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and anyone around you 60-90 min, painting, interactive mode

Part C: The free-rendering experience of resonance/interventional force 30-60 min, painting and behavior

The three parts of the curriculum are presented in an associative relationship. After each part of the curriculum, there will be some discussion, so the curriculum lasts one and a half to two days. Parents throughout the process are encouraged to accompany them.