Screening evening


Time: 17:00, 07. Dec. 2018

Though I Am Gone (Wo Sui Si Qu)
Hu Jie. China, 2007. Documentary, 68 minutes.
Mandarin / Deutsch subtitles

Outline: Bian Zhongyun is believed to have been the first of the teachers murdered by their own students during the „Red August“ of 1966 as the Cultural Revolution began in mainland China. The film depicts the event and shows how Bian’s relatives, students and colleagues experienced the terror. “After her death, Wang Jingyao took photos of his beloved wife with his own camera. The images of those tragic days have been preserved to this day. To those who lived through the devastation, this represents a unique example of memory. These photos serve as both witness and testimony. I thus ponder the power of a camera, the struggle to cover things up and the victory of one man’s memory.“ (Hu Jie)